Last week, Band Digital joined “No Right Brain Left Behind” (NRBLB) – an initiative led by some of the brightest minds in the industry to solve the creativity crisis in U.S. schools. The challenge was issued to the creative community during Social Media Week to come up with ideas that will help bring creativity back into the classroom. Because creativity is what breeds innovation. And innovation is our future.

Agencies and companies from around the world took part. It was ideation in warp speed. In the end, Band came up with a single, powerful idea: the Creativity Bee. A Creativity Bee would leverage the familiarity of already-popular school events such as spelling and math bees and science fairs, but serve to highlight and celebrate a new value in education: creative thinking.

Read more about Creativity+Bee here.

But enough about our idea. Yes this is a competition, and we want your vote. But in the end, the best idea doesn’t just win a contest – it solves a crisis in our schools. There are a lot of smart and well thought out ideas on the website. We encourage you to check them out and vote for the ideas that you think do it best.

In this process, we have been fortunate enough to meet and watch some really smart people and agencies. We met Literacy Head, a group that has selflessly worked to put together a bi-weekly online magazine that connects literacy and the visual arts. Check out their submission, The Creative Schools Movement. We also stumbled into Longbow and Swan, who put together a terrific blog post on NRBLB and whom also submitted three great ideas to NRBLB.

You don’t have to be a NRBLB team member to take part in the movement. Get out and vote! Make these ideas a reality. The top three ideas will be recognized and then put to pilot in 2010 and 2011.



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