On April 26th, I participated in the Cohutta, a 100-mile mountain bike race.

Legs afire
This climb is a thirsty beast
The summit in sight, the soul prepares for relief
Like a mirage, it is but a savage illusion
Are the trees that form my false apex mocking me?
Back muscles scream under tension
The climb is surely waning now
Shivers call up the rising heat 
Another climb
It’s still time
Bicycles wend their way across jagged gravel
Only when we give fully in

I finished 100 miles, with 16,000 feet of climbing, in 11:56. I am pleased with that time, but that only gave me 14 out of 21 (women were just 13% of the field!). The girls who come out to race are animals. All in all, it was a blast to be out there riding with these boys and girls. Mountain bikers are awesome! Except that one who forced a pass in the first 10 miles (really dude?).


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