Stephanie CritchfieldStephanie Critchfield.

A lifetime communicator, I have made a career out of helping businesses talk about themselves. It’s both an art and a science, uniting what can feel like disparate things: business goals and creative ideas. It involves everything from audience strategy to aligning teams and people to telling the right and most compelling story. Then, understanding both successes and failures. I develop  content strategies for a variety of industries, from national ad agencies to technology start-ups, and am adept at turning complex ideas into well-understood and action-based narratives.

As a consultant, I design and execute a variety of corporate initiatives, from content development for events to long term digital communications strategies. I specialize in:

  • Corporate communications
  • Content development and strategy
  • Audience strategy
  • Social communications
  • Event marketing
  • Writing (long and short form)
  • Thought leadership direction
  • Internal communications
  • Corporate video production
  • Brand Storytelling

While I am based in Atlanta, Georgia, I work for companies all over the country. If you’re interested in talking business, drop me an email at scritchfield at gmail dot com.

When I’m not behind a computer, you’re most likely to find me on a bicycle or plodding out miles on the road — I’m an three time Ironman finisher, an endurance mountain biker, and an avid long distance runner. Follow me on Twitter at @SpunStephanie.

Visited my LinkedIn profile to learn more about my work experience.


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